Crew Event / Office Audit 2019:

     Chemikalien Seetransport GMBH and Chemtrans Crew Management GMBH Crew Event 2019 held on 26th - 30th May in Batumi, Georgia.  It was great honor for our company to host CST Hamburg delegates: CCM/CST Managing Director Mr. Sven Strauss; CST Operations Department Mrs. Ebru Ural.

       On the 27th of May CST/CCM Managers held an audit in our office Georgian Sea Gate Ltd.  They audited the following sections:

  •   Contracting/subcontracting;
  •   Selection and recruitment of ship personnel;
  •   Personal records;
  •   Training;
  •   Accounting;
  •   Communication;
  •   Certification and compliance with rules and regulations.

              CST/CCM Officer Seminar 2019 held on 28th of May. Mr. Sven Strauss and Mrs. Ebru Ural lead the following subjects on the seminar:

  • Reflective Learning / Resilience / Learning engagement tool;
  • Partners in safety;
  • Bunker’s / Voyage optimization;
  • Incidents / PSC Review;
  • Communication Vessels, Office, Pools and Charterer;
  • Vetting.

       Mr. Sven Strauss closed the seminar and thanked all the seafarers for active participation and hoped for future meetings.

        On 30th of May CST/CCM delegates visited Batumi State Maritime Academy and observed the training center and discussed the important topics and latest STWC Regulations.

        CST/CCM Delegates gave positive feedback and mentioned that CST/CCM Crew Event 2019 was quite successful and fruitful.

Crew Event 2019:

"Chemikalien Seetransport Gmbh" (CST) Senior Office Seminar in Hamburg held on 19th and 20th of August 2019 where was invited our Top Officers and our company "Georgia SeaGate Ltd" delegates, Mr Pharsenadze Irakli and Mr. Abashvili Robert. 

The seminar/training was arranged to share the company's future plans with our seafarers and crewing companies, to talk about progress and prospects, showing full commitments by top management and to reinforce the kay objectives and tasks set by CST for its crews.

Such events contributed to the strengthening of teamwork and morales within CST.

We are proud that we received positive seminar/training feedback from the participants, which proves to us that it is of utmost importance to continue the strengthening of teamwork and training of all employers.