Office Audit 2015:


Georgian Sea Gate Office Audit 2015 took place on 13th of October. CST representatives:  Mr.Thomas Visser and Mr. Jorge de Sousa visited our office and staff.

     Auditors reviewed the following:

       a) GSG documents - Audit reports and certification as per ISO 9001 and MLC 2006; Sample format of contract of employemnt as per MLC requirements; Qulity Policy and objectives;  latest internal audit report; availability of latest edition of Head Office Manual; confidentiality of personal and medical records of seafarers; FHB requirements.  

      b) Selection and Recruitment of Ship Personnel - Age limit; imformation on rights and duties; employment agrrement / including complain procedures(as per MLC 2006); Medical Certificates; Licensed Medical Practitioners and etc.

      c) Trainingg and Familirization - certification as per STCW 95; Local training centres.

      d) Records / Data Register - Authenticity of National Documents; Matrix Requirements; company's requirements of experience of sea staff; requirements of briefing / de-briefing arrangements; pre-selection Documentation of Sea-staff;

      e) Availability of Safety /Emergency preparendess 


    According to CST external Office Audit report 2015 Georgian Sea Gate Ltd met all requirements.