Requirements & Needs:

    All of our candidates are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our policy is to provide vessel operators with high quality, cost efficient and personalized crew management services which will support and encourage safe and efficient ship operation.


    All our candidates are certified in compliance with STCW-95 qualification requirements. Personnel selection procedure includes an interview, checking of professional abilities, previous sea service & references, level of English (and/or other languages), certificates' validity.

General recruitment rules and regulations adopted by  Georgian Sea Gate ltd

General requirements for seafarers:
* Qualified in accordance with the requirements of STCW 1978/1995
* proficient in English
* medically fit
* duly trained and experienced to operate assigned vessels

The documents required:

* Reference (or any other documents from your previous employer, attesting to your recent experience)
* Seaman's Book / Passport
* Civil Passport / International Passport

*medical examination+yellow fever

*pre-joining Drug & Alcohol Test

* Chemical Blood test for Chemical vessels only

*USA Visa is required for all our Seaman

For Officers -
* National License and endorsement 
* STCW - 95 certificates (Medical aid, survival techniques, fire fighting, etc.)
* GMDSS (for deck officers)
* ARPA & Radar training certificate (for deck officers)

* Tankerman or LPG certificate / endorsement - for specific vessels

*SSO for Masters & Chief Officers

*ECDIS for officers

*BTM  issued not more than 4 years

*AMOS  for windows

*Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation  (For Masters & Chief Officers only)

*Ship handling for For Masters & Chief Officers only

*Safety officer course for Chief officers & 3rd officers only


For engineers-

*Engine resource management

*Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation  (For Chief Engineer only)

For Ratings –

* AB, Motorman or Electrician certificate.


Please download our application form, fill in all the information required, and forward to our crew department to the following e-mail address