We are skilled in providing all professional and experienced seamen all in compliance with STCW 95 requirements, for many kind of vessel as Tankers, Crude Oils, Chemical. 

Cruise vessels staff is another field where we are able to supply professional and experienced guys.

We are ready and organized to manage vessel (s) from one seaman to a full complement, providing the best of our services.

We provide our customers with high quality crew, in conformity with STCW95, which means we invest heavily in training and career development for our seagoing staff.



The most valuable assets at Georgian Sea Gate are our seafarers. Therefore, each and every applicant undergoes extensive screening before being referenced to the client.

 This main steps of the procedure are outlined below:

- Interview;

- Checking of documentation;

- Background verification and references checking;

- Computerized evaluation of professional skills;

- English language examination.